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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian Polity and Constitution WBCS Mains Exams P2

Page 2

6. The members of UPSC can be removed from the office before the expiry of the term by the
(A) Prime Minister.
(B) Chairman of UPSC.
(C) President on the recommendation of Supreme Court.
(D) Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Supreme Court

Correct Answer: [C] President on the recommendation of Supreme Court..
7. The Chief Election Commissioner is
(A) appointed by Home Minister.
(B) appointed by Prime Minister.
(C) elected by Parliament.
(D) appointed by the President

Correct Answer: [D] appointed by the President.
8. The special status of Jammu & Kashmir implies the state as
(A) a separate judiciary.
(B) a separate constitution.
(C) a separate defense force.
(D) All the above

Correct Answer: [B] a separate constitution..
9. In which case, it was held by the Supreme Court that 'Preamble is the basic feature of the Constitution'?
(A) In re Keshwananda Bharti.
(B) In re Golaknath case.
(C) In re Swam Singh.
(D) In re Maneka Gandhi

Correct Answer: [A] In re Keshwananda Bharti..
10. Which of the following sought to change the character of Indian Government from unitary to federal?
(A) Indian Council Act, 1909.
(B) The government of India Act, 1935.
(C) The government of India Act, 1919.
(D) Indian Independence Act, 1947

Correct Answer: [B] The government of India Act, 1935..



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