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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Books List Recommended For Prelims and Mains Exams | Updated

Recommended booklist For WBCS Prelims and Mains Exams

The expectation from aspirants is increasing day by day because of high competition in govt jobs. When we talk about the WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service ) exam it is not different. The number of real competitors is not so high in WBCS. But, competition among these competitors going tougher day by day. You can identify it clearly by observing the previous year's cut-off marks and the number of candidates attending the main exams. 

Whatever might be the situation the books preferred by WBCS aspirants always be the same. Everybody reading the same books and someone became a topper and others don't even able to crack the preliminary exams.

No matter how well you prepared, if you cannot perform well in the exam, the outcome will always be disappointing. Your performance always directly related to what you are reading. So, choosing the right books is the most important part of your preparation. We have come here with a list of standard books written in English and Bengali language. There are some WBCS Books especially recommended for WBCSers are in Bengali. These are the books preferred by most WBCS aspirants. It is not possible to cover high-volume books in every subject, so choose very wisely. Always prepare selectively and don't read the complete textbook in a single go. Every exam follows some pattern, so go through the previous year's question and try to find the pattern and what is important for WBCS Exam. If you are a beginner at this preparation I always recommend you to buy some guide books and you will learn during the process what needs to buy next. Don't take the internet for granted. Use the internet as much as you can. It will help you to prepare faster.

I would suggest you buy some guidebooks which contain an overview of the whole syllabus and important areas. Watch crash course from YouTube on the various subject in the beginning. Get the basics and then decided to buy a textbook on a certain subject. The guidebook is mentioned in the last of the list.  Practice previous year's question is one of the key factors for cracking the WBCS. We have covered all the previous year's questions in this portal which has been asked in the WBCS examination. We have also recommended some books among the alternative. This is a personal recommendation. You can only choose what is best for you. Hope this article useful to you. If you have some query please write below in the comment box. Wish you all the best and don't forget that you are awesome!

English Books

General Science Books

Indian History Books 

    Indian Geography

      Indian Economy

        • NCRT Macroeconomics Class 11 |  Recommended  
        • Bharoter Arthoniti - Tojammel Hossain
        • Class 11/12 books of Economy |  Recommended  
        • Bharater Arthonity by Joydeb Sarkar
        • Indian Economics by Ramesh Singh | Price Rs/- 358 | 650 pages (Link)
        • Mrunal Patel (Video) on YouTube (Link)  |  Recommended  

        Indian Polity

          Quant & Reasoning

          Current Affiars

          • Achievers Monthly Magazine For Current Affairs and Study Material |  Recommended  
          • Protijogita Dorpon Monthly Magazine |  Recommended 
          Follow any one of the above.

          Guide Books

            Additional Study Material

            • Lucent's Objective General Knowledge (Prelims & Main) (Link)
            • WBCS Preliminary Previous 10 Solved Question Paper(2010-Latest) |  Recommended  
            • WBCS Main Previous Solved 5 Question Paper(2014-Latest) |  Recommended  
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