Tuesday, November 23, 2021

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains


You need to know what are you preparing for? So, read the syllabus thoroughly and check the exam pattern through the previous year's questions. We have listed a few important books for the MPPSC prelims and mains exam.

You can prepare the basic Concepts of History, Geography, Polity, Science from NCERT (prefer the old version of NCRT if available class 6,7,8,12) + State Board Books.


o   Ancient India by RS Sharma 


o    Medieval India by Satish Chandra 


o   Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum Publication)

o   Modern India by Bipin Chandra

o   Spectrum ForModern India

o   India After Independence Bipin Chandra (selective reading)


o   M. Laxmikant’s

o   NCERT-11th Class 

o   Governance in India by Laxmikanth [Hindi Or English] 

o   Public Administration – Laxmikanth [Hindi or English]  (Note – Read Only Selected Chapters )

·         ECONOMICS

o   State Board school Textbooks (Class 11th and 12th)

o   NCERT – 11th and 12th [Hindi or English] 

o   Ramesh Singh (11th edition)/ Sanjiv Verma (selective reading)

o   Economic Survey & Budget – Union and Madhya Pradesh 

·         Art & Culture

o   Bhartiya Kala Evam Sanskriti - Nitin Singhania (Hindi Or English  For Main)

o   NCERT 11th Class 

·         Geography

o   NCERT – 6,7,8,9,10 & 11,12 [Hindi or English] Note – 11th and 12th are most Important.

o   Atlas 

o   Cosmos geography a comprehensive study - Mahesh Barnwal (For Main)

·         Sociology

o NCERT -11th (Understanding Society), 12th (Indian Society, Social Change And Development In India) 

o   Social Problems In India – Ram Ahuja 

·         Science & Technology

o   NCERT – 6,7 And 8,9,10

o   Computer- Internet or Lucent Computer Book [Hindi or English] 

·         Energy & Environment

o   Shankar IAS [English]

o   Majid Hussain [Hindi] 

o   NCERT 12th Biology 

·         STATE GK

o   Madhyapradesh Ek Parichaya - McGraw hill publication

o   An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh general knowledge - Sonali Bansal

o   MP General Knowledge - Arihant Publication

·         MATH & GI:

o   Fast track objective Arithmetic - Rajesh Verma

o   A new approach to reasoning verbal, non-verbal & Analytical - Arihant Publication

o   Quantitative Aptitude for a competitive exam - RS Agarwal

·         General Books:

o   Lucent General Knowledge [Hindi or English]

o   Pratiyogita Nirdeshika (last six months), Samsyamiki Semi-annual (Maheshwari)

o   Indian Yearbook - GOI Publication

o Madhya Pradesh objective question bank: the complete guide to starting civil service preliminary and Mains exam - Monisha kharole (For Main)

o   MPPSC Mains paper 2 - Surendra Sharma (For Main)

o   Nibandh Manjusha - McGraw-Hill Publication (For Main)

The MPPSC Mains exam will test your detailed knowledge and thus the list of books for each subject is vast. Before going to the paper-wise books, here are some of the books that must be referred to at the starting of the preparations for the Mains exam:

  • NCERT Class X-XII Social Studies, Economics, and some Culture topics.
  • Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth
  • India Year Book (GOI publication)
  • Newspaper/Judicious internet usage


·         Ethics

o Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude TMH Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by M.Karthikeyan.

·         Hindi   

o   Lucent's Samanya Hindi

o   Lucent's Sampurna Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachna

·         Hindi Essay

o   Nimband Manjushaby Samiratmaj Mishra

o 151 Nibandh for IAS/PCS & other Competitive Exam by Disha Expert

o Hindi magazines – Pratiyogita Darpan/ghanta chakra for contemporary updates



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