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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

High Level MCQ on Indian History For State PSC Main | UPSC Prelims P9

Page 9

41. The Harappan bricks were mainly
(A) Hand-made
(B) Cut with the help of a chisel
(C) Sawn with the help of a saw-like instrument
(D) Made in an open mould

Correct Answer: [D] Made in an open mould.
42. Who considered the Harappan crafts 'technically the peer of the rest' among products of the Bronze Age?
(A) R.S. Bisht
(B) Asco Parpola
(C) Gordon Childe
(D) Shereen Ratnagar

Correct Answer: [D] Shereen Ratnagar.
43. Who introduced Gold Coins in India?
(A) The Greeks
(B) The Cholas
(C) The Maurya
(D) The Kushanas

Correct Answer: [D] The Kushanas.
44. The subject matter of Hamzahnamah is
(A) Music
(B) Philosophy
(C) Architecture
(D) Painting

Correct Answer: [D] Painting.
45. Which of the following statements is not correct?
(A) The Rigveda is a monolithic text.
(B) The Rigveda is not a monolithic text and consists of several literary layers
(C) The Rigveda consists of 1028 hymns (Suktas).
(D) The Rigveda is divided into ten books (mandalas) of unequal sizes

Correct Answer: [A] The Rigveda is a monolithic text..



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