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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian History Ancient and Medieval For WBCS Mains 2019 P8

71. Name the chief of the Rigvedic Bharata tribe who fought against a confederacy of ten tribes (in the battle of 10 kings)
(A) Atri
(B) Gritsamada
(C) Sudas
(D) Divodasa
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [C] Sudas.

72. Who translated Atharvaveda into Persian during the Mughal period?
(A) Khafi Khan
(B) Malik Muhammad Jayasi
(C) Abdul Hamid Lahori
(D) Haji Ibrahim Sarhindi
[WBCS Main 2014]
Correct Answer: [D] Haji Ibrahim Sarhindi.

73. Which Mughal is credited with prohibiting Sati unless the widow herself, of her own free will, persistently desired it?
(A) Humayan
(B) Jahangir
(C) Babur
(D) Akbar
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [D] Akbar.

74. Who among the following archeologists has been claiming that he was successfully deciphered the Indus script, though others have not accepted the claim?
(A) K.M. Srivastava
(B) S.R. Rao
(C) MEM Wheeler
(D) Gordon Childe
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [B] S.R. Rao.

75. The history of ancient Indian trade rightly begins from the ________ period.
(A) Maurya
(B) Kushana
(C) Harappan
(D) Later Vedic
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [C] Harappan.

76. The only type of Jagir which could not be transferred was -
(A) Milkiyat Jagir
(B) Tan Jagir
(C) Khidmati Jagir
(D) Watan Jagir
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [D] Watan Jagir.

77. Which of the following results of the Zamindari System was not an advantage to the British?
(A) Permanent fixation of revenue demand
(B) Provision of financial security
(C) Creation of political allies
(D) Minimization of revenue administrative expenditure
[WBCS Main 2016]
Correct Answer: [A] Permanent fixation of revenue demand.

78. Which of the following was the most prominent monarchical Maha-Janapadas, during the age of the Buddha?
(A) Vajjis or Vrijis
(B) Avanti and Magadh
(C) Kosal and Vatsa
(D) All listed in (B) and (C)
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [D] All listed in (B) and (C)

79. Which Sultan of Bengal built Madrasas in Mecca & Madina
(A) Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah
(B) Rukumuddin Barbak Shah
(C) Shamsuddin Ilius Shah
(D) Shekander Shah
[WBCS Main 2014]
Correct Answer: [A] Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah.

80. Name the European who worked ardently for the Indian national movement and criticized the British rule by saying: "The British empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction, and tyrannical and mean"
(A) William Wedderburn
(B) Mrs. Annie Besant
(C) Sister Nivedita
(D) A.O. Hume
[WBCS Main 2015]
Correct Answer: [C] Sister Nivedita.


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