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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian History MCQ For PSC Main | UPSC Prelim P10

Page 10

46. Which of the following sources describe the Mauryas as belonging to the Sudra Varna?
(A) Purvas
(B) European Classical Writers
(C) Puranas
(D) Jatakas

Correct Answer: [C] Puranas.
47. Haribhadra, the famous Buddhist author was at the court of
(A) Devapala
(B) Dharmapala
(C) Gopala
(D) Mahipala

Correct Answer: [B] Dharmapala.
48. Who was Minandar?
(A) A Saka King
(B) None of the above
(C) A Parthian King
(D) A Bactrian Greek King

Correct Answer: [D] A Bactrian Greek King.
49. Where do we find the three phases, viz. Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Cultures in sequence?
(A) Godavari Valley
(B) Kashmir Valley
(C) Belan valley
(D) Krishna Valle

Correct Answer: [C] Belan valley.
50. Which of the following were the main items of export of the Indus people?(i) Gold and Silver (ii) Cotton goods (iii) Terracottas (iv) Seals (v) PotterySelect the answer from the codes below -
(A) i, ii, iv and v
(B) i, iii and iv
(C) ii, iii and v
(D) All of them

Correct Answer: [C] ii, iii and v.



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