Friday, May 17, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian History MCQ For All India Competitive Exam P5

Page 5

21. Who was the ruler of Taxila when Alexander's army crossed the Indus in 326 BC?
(A) Abhisara
(B) None of the above
(C) Porus (Pura)
(D) Ambhi

Correct Answer: [D] Ambhi.
22. Vallabhacharya was the most distinguished preacher of the
(A) Balaram Cult
(B) Krishna Cult
(C) Shaiva Cult
(D) Shakti Cult

Correct Answer: [B] Krishna Cult.
23. Which of the following kingdoms was referred to as ' Ruhmi' by the Arab merchant Sulaiman?
(A) Pala
(B) Pratihara
(C) Rashtrakuta
(D) Chola

Correct Answer: [A] Pala.
24. Who was the Bacterian King that invaded India in about 182 BC and wrested a considerable part of the North-West?
(A) Philadelphus
(B) Gondophernes
(C) Demetrius
(D) Antigonus

Correct Answer: [C] Demetrius.
25. Name the class which is conspicuous by its absence from the list of seven classes given by Megasthenes
(A) Cultivators
(B) Philosophers
(C) Artisans
(D) Traders

Correct Answer: [D] Traders.


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