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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Brief History of India Through MCQ For Competitive Exam P4

Page 4

16. During the post-Maurya times, elaborate Vedic sacrificial rituals like the Vajapeya, Rajasuya, and Aswamedha were regularly performed by the rulers of
(A) North India
(B) Deccan
(C) both North India and Deccan
(D) Chola dynasty

Correct Answer: [A] North India.
17. The Kharosthi script derived from
(A) Sanskrit
(B) Brahmi
(C) Pictographs
(D) Aramaic

Correct Answer: [D] Aramaic.
18. The earliest use of the term 'Hindustan' appears in which inscription of Sasanid ruler Shahpur I?
(A) Behistun
(B) Hamadan
(C) Naqsh-i-Rustom
(D) Persepolis

Correct Answer: [C] Naqsh-i-Rustom.
19. According to the latest excavations, Manda is the __________ site of the Indus civilization?
(A) Easternmost
(B) Westernmost
(C) Northernmost
(D) Southernmost

Correct Answer: [C] Northernmost.
20. Which civilization was undoubtedly the largest in extent among the Bronze age civilizations?
(A) Mesopotamian civilization
(B) Roman civilization
(C) The Harappan civilization
(D) Egyptian civilization

Correct Answer: [C] The Harappan civilization.


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