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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Ancient Indian History PDF MCQs with Solutions P3

21. The earliest use of the term 'Hindustan' appears in which inscription of Sasanid ruler Shahpur I?
(A) Behistun
(B) Hamadan
(C) Naqsh-i-Rustom
(D) Persepolis
Correct Answer: [C] Naqsh-i-Rustom.

22. According to the latest excavations, Manda is the __________ site of the Indus civilization?
(A) Easternmost
(B) Westernmost
(C) Northernmost
(D) Southernmost
Correct Answer: [C] Northernmost.

23. Which civilization was undoubtedly the largest in extent among the Bronze age civilizations?
(A) Mesopotamian civilization
(B) Roman civilization
(C) The Harappan civilization
(D) Egyptian civilization
Correct Answer: [C] The Harappan civilization.

24. Who was the ruler of Taxila when Alexander's army crossed the Indus in 326 BC?
(A) Abhisara
(B) None of the above
(C) Porus (Pura)
(D) Ambhi
Correct Answer: [D] Ambhi.

25. Vallabhacharya was the most distinguished preacher of the
(A) Balaram Cult
(B) Krishna Cult
(C) Shaiva Cult
(D) Shakti Cult
Correct Answer: [B] Krishna Cult.

26. During whose reign did Vijayanagara come into conflict with Orissa for the first time?
(A) Devaraya-II
(B) Virupaksha-II
(C) Bukka-II
(D) Devaraya-I
Correct Answer: [B] Virupaksha-II.

27. Which of the following kingdoms was referred to as ' Ruhmi' by the Arab merchant Sulaiman?
(A) Pala
(B) Pratihara
(C) Rashtrakuta
(D) Chola
Correct Answer: [A] Pala.

28. Which of the following work was not done by Amir Khosrue?
(A) Qirun us Saadain
(B) Tuzuk-i-timuri
(C) Dewal Rani Khisly
(D) Nuh Sipih
Correct Answer: [B] Tuzuk-i-timuri.

29. Who was the Bacterian King that invaded India in about 182 BC and wrested a considerable part of the North-West?
(A) Philadelphus
(B) Gondophernes
(C) Demetrius
(D) Antigonus
Correct Answer: [C] Demetrius.

30. Name the class which is conspicuous by its absence from the list of seven classes given by Megasthenes
(A) Cultivators
(B) Philosophers
(C) Artisans
(D) Traders
Correct Answer: [D] Traders.


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