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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Ancient Indian History PDF MCQ with Solution For State PSC | SCC CGL P3

Page 3

11. Which of the following major rock edicts of Asoka are in Prakrit language and Kharosthi script?
(A) Manshera
(B) Shahbazgarhi
(C) Both A and B
(D) Dhauli

Correct Answer: [C] Both A and B.
12. Rummindei pillar of Asoka is put up to mark Buddha's
(A) First Sermon
(B) Death
(C) Birth
(D) Enlightenment

Correct Answer: [C] Birth.
13. Which of the following was not a regional headquarters in the Maurya empire?
(A) Tosali
(B) Tambaparini
(C) Ujjaiyini
(D) Taxila

Correct Answer: [B] Tambaparini.
14. To whom was the Lomasa Rishi cave in the Barabar hills (near Gaya) donated by Ashoka
(A) Brahmanas
(B) Shri Lankan Buddhist monks
(C) Ajivika monks
(D) Jain monks

Correct Answer: [C] Ajivika monks.
15. Just as for my children, I desire that they should enjoy all happiness and prosperity both in this world and the next. So for all men, I desire the like happiness and prosperity'. This is stated in -
(A) Tarai Pillars
(B) Kalinga Inscriptions
(C) Barabar Cave Inscriptions
(D) Minor Rock Edicts

Correct Answer: [C] Barabar Cave Inscriptions.



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