Monday, May 27, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Android Utility Apps For Competitive Exam Aspirant / Student

We know that smartphones are one of the most distractive gadgets for a student. Most of we don't have any control over the uses of a smartphone. It is the best useful gadget in the present world if we can use it properly. Preparation for competitive exam always differs from normal class exam. Here you have to perform better than others. So, being a job aspirant you have to follow some advanced strategies. We have already discussed many strategies to perform better in the competative exam under "Study Tips" tag.

If you are a student and addicted to your android smartphone it will be very problematic for your future. I will suggest a few ways to reduce the uses of smartphone and at the same time, I will suggest you some free apps which will boost your preparation for sure. 

 1. YouTube 

It is one of the most essential apps for any learner. It also contains a lot of entertainment stuff and we mostly diverted to those and we can't even identify how much time we spent on it. The best way to control it just using a reminder for a break. This option has cames with YouTube apps. Go to setting and under general settings, you can find the option for a break reminder. You can set it for 10

YouTube Break Reminder

minutes. It will pause the video after every 10 minutes and will ask you to take a break.

Download Link: YouTube

 2. Time Meter 

This will be very beneficial apps for if you want to trace every minute you spent. I will highly recommend this app for all person who values their time. You can create your own category and can track how much time you have spent for it. You can evaluate yourself by checking daily, weekly and monthly report. This is totally a professional software. It has also come with a reminder to take a break. A short break is one of the most important in study hours. It is always recommended to take 10 minutes to break after a study of 50 minutes. Concentration is always an important factor during preparation. You can visit 10 tips for better concentration

Download Link: Time Meter

 3. CS Scanner 

It can take images and can produce pdf files. It has a significant impact to protect you protect your handwritten notes. We spend many effortful days to make our special note. These are very important for revision at the last moment before the exams. If we lose the copy this will be the greatest loss of our preparation days. So, It is better to keep this protected. You can take images and create a PDF file and keep a copy of this document on Google Drive. You will never lose it again. It is the best and worthy way to keep your important safe. You can access these document at any moment from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Download Link: CS Scanner

 4. Relax and Sleep 

Peace of mind is very important at the time of the study. It is always needed things for success in life. This application will create buoyant background music. This will increase concentration and will feel relax. It contains only music and will not create any distraction. If you are surrounded by a noisy environment you can choose white music to suppress sudden distracting noise. You can use this app for a better sleep cycle.

Download Link: Relax and Sleep

To crack any competitive exam you have to perform better than others, so, it is always needed a better strategy to crack a competitive exam. You can read 10 tips to crack any competitive exams.

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