Tuesday, October 23, 2018

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

10 Tips on how to focus on studies and increase the concentration

[Study Tips: Study Like A Pro]

We will discuss "10 Tips on how to focus on studies and increase the concentration" for the betterment of your focus and increase concentration. Do you have a lack of concentration in the case of study? Don't worry, we will figure out how to enhance your concentration.

For long-term focus and concentration like you have to study for 2-5 years then you need to maintain a few things.
  • Proper Sleep
    • Proper sleep means to regular 6 to 8 hours sleep. It will help you to refresh your brain and maintain the energy level of your body and mind for the day.
  • Regular Exercise and Periodically Break
    • Regular exercise will make you stronger and your brain will be sharper. The BMR will be under control. In an experiment, it has been found that the brain cell can be regenerated only through the exercise. Previously it was known to be fixed and regressive in nature. When you do exercise, your brain release dopamine which helps you to feel confident and overpowered. So, regular exercise will enhance your brain power and will make you confident. It does not mean that you have to go to the gym and do heavy exercise. Just do some freehand exercise. Running is the best exercise. It will cover everything. 
  • Proper Diet
    • Always try to eat less you will never regret it. Avoid eating sugar. The thumb rule for eating is to eat only things which were available 10 thousand years ago. It will make all the packet food out of your diet. Eat more vegetables and dring enough water. 
For short-term focus, you can do a few thongs which will enhance your concentration instantly.
  • Choice of the study place
  • Plan your study timetable
  • Take regular break
  • Keep distraction away
  • Stay calm
  • Do not forget why are you studying
  • Study actively and interactively
  • Get everything on your study table what you need
  • Reward yourself for doing good

 At last, if have a wish you will find a way otherwise excuse. So study now and live a comfortable life later or enjoy now and make your whole life as a failure. Just plan your day well and execute it very well and don't forget that you are awesome. 



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