Monday, October 22, 2018

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How To Stay Motivated And Work Smartly

If you are a student or preparing for any competitive exam then it is very common to listen - "work smartly and stays motivated".  But there is no proper definition of smart work and motivation is very personal things. Here we will give you a perspective of smart work and motivation. First steps of smart work to set a goal. The direction is very important. If you don't give a clear direction to your mind it will not work efficiently or smartly. No matter whether doing smart work or not but you should very much consistent with your study otherwise success is just a fairy tale. Even hard work can give you success if you are consistent with your study. So study regularly and revise periodically. You like or not you have to memorize things and the best way to do it by revision. 

What are the advantages of smart work or why we need to work smartly?

  • It will improve your productivity. 
  • It will take less time to complete your daily task. 
  • You will have some free time for your wishlist. 
  • You will be an expert to plan your daily schedule.
  • You will be a very consistent performer.
  • It will increase your willpower.
  • Your life will be very predictable. 

First, let's identify what is called hard work in exam point of view and respected smart solutions. We tell you what is an effective study or efficient study and what is an inefficient study.
  • You are reading continuously for long hours (12-16 hours). If you are reading for long hours you cannot do it with full concentration. Your productivity will decrease. It will take much time to study a thing. (Hard Work)
    • Split your time into a few session and complete your task in 6-8 hours. Each session should be for an hour. Study for 50 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. You can study with full concentration (Smart Work)
  • You are just reading without a proper plan. (Hard Work)
    • You have a proper plan what to read in a day, in a week and in a month. You can track your progress. (Smart Work)
  • You are reading a lot but not making a proper note and not revising periodically that you have read. (Hard Work)
    • You are making notes, mnemonics and revise what you have read. (Smart Work)
  • You are not reading hard things first and following your mood in case of study. (Hard Work)
    • You are reading hard things first and prefer discipline over mood or pleasure.
  • Someone suggesting you a book and you are trying to read the complete book. (Hard Work)
    • You are searching for important topics or chapter of the books and read those chapters and making proper notes. (Smart Work)
  • You are not consistent with your study. When you are in good mood you studied a lot but the next day you don't touch the books. (Hard Work)
    • You are reading daily for a particular time to complete your daily task even though your surrounding is not suitable for study. (Smart Work)
  • You don't know how much to study. Do it need to study this topic or leave it. Do I need to study this topic in depth or I just need an overview of these topics. (Hard Work)
    • You know the scope of the exam. The syllabus, previous year questions, the important topics and what to avoid. To realize the demand for the exam is one of the most important things. It will help you to decrease the extra effort. (Smart Work)

Human beings are the only life on the planet who is driven by achievement motivation. It can get you too far which you did not even dream of. The people who things their intelligence is fixed they think that they cannot do anything great with their limited brain power. They learned helplessness and depends on others for anything and everything. It is developed due to past failure in life and they stop trying things internally.  The people who things their intelligence can grow they can cross any limit. Their locus of control is always internal they don't depend on others or does not fluctuate on unfavorable circumstance. 

If you have not a very strong emotion with your goal you cannot give your full potential. So, find the motivation trigger of your goal and never forget it. You have to be motivated intrinsically otherwise it cannot stay longer. The last thing is believing in yourself that you can do it. The great saying "If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you cannot do it, you are absolutely right." If you have a burning desire towards your goal you will get it. The great thing always starts with you and don't forget that you are awesome. 



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