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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian Geography MCQs questions For WBCS Preliminary Exam of West Bengal G11

101. The Aravallis is representing an ancient
(A) Volcano
(B) Block mountain
(C) Fold Mountain
(D) Horst
Correct Answer: [C] Fold Mountain.

102. `Tin Bigha Corridor' links
(A) Indian and Bhutan
(B) Indian and Bangladesh
(C) Indian and Pakistan
(D) Indian and China
Correct Answer: [B] Indian and Bangladesh.

103. The source of the Jaldhaka river is
(A) Zemu Glacier
(B) Jelap La
(C) Bidang lake
(D) Chomalhari peak
Correct Answer: [C] Bidang lake.

104. Which one of the following is the most important source of energy in rural areas of India
(A) Wood
(B) Hydel power
(C) Bio Gas
(D) Kerosene Oil
Correct Answer: [C] Bio Gas.

105. Bauxite deposits are found in
(A) Lohardaga
(B) Haldia
(C) Maria
(D) Badam Pahar
Correct Answer: [A] Lohardaga.

106. Which of the following is noted for petrochemical Industry?
(A) Dabhol
(B) Vadodara
(C) Wapi
(D) Nashi
Correct Answer: [B] Vadodara.

107. In the areal extent, India's place among the countries of the world is
(A) 5th
(B) 7th
(C) 2nd
(D) 4th
Correct Answer: [B] 7th.

108. The World highest gravity Dam is
(A) Mettur
(B) Maithan
(C) Hirakud
(D) Bhakra
Correct Answer: [D] Bhakra.

109. The river Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal through
(A) 'Birds foot' delta
(B) Fault line
(C) A triangular delta
(D) An estuary
Correct Answer: [C] A triangular delta.

110. Kapildhara Falls is located on
(A) River Narmada
(B) River Krishna
(C) River Sone
(D) River Chambal
Correct Answer: [A] River Narmada.


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