Thursday, February 7, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Modern Indian History MCQs with Answers For UPSC, SSC, WBPSC Exams P15

141. The policy of Subsidiary Alliance was introduced by
(A) Wellesley
(B) Warren Hastings
(C) Dalhousie
(D) Canning

Correct Answer: [A] Wellesley

142. Which one of the following was an emigre Communist journal of M.N. Roy?
(A) Vanguard
(B) Anashilan
(C) Kishan Sabha
(D) The worker
Correct Answer: [A] Vanguard

143. Which Act allowed the Christian Missionaries to enter India?
(A) Charter act of 1833
(B) Pitt's India Act of 1784
(C) Charter act of 1793
(D) Charter act of 1813

Correct Answer: [D] Charter act of 1813

144. The Morley-Minto Reform was declared in the year
(A) 1911
(B) 1919
(C) 1907
(D) 1909

Correct Answer: [D] 1909

145. The Academic Association was founded by
(A) Derozio
(B) Iswarchandra Gupta
(C) Rammohan Roy
(D) Iswarchandra Vidyasagar

Correct Answer: [A] Derozio

146. Theosophical Society' was founded by
(A) Annie Besant
(B) R. M. Roy
(C) Madam H.P.Blavatsky and Col.H.S. Olcott
(D) Madam Cama

Correct Answer: [C] Madam H.P.Blavatsky and Col.H.S. Olcott

147. Who became Viceroy of India after Lord Irwin?
(A) Lord Willingdon
(B) Lord Linlithgow
(C) Lord Wavell
(D) Lord Reading
Correct Answer: [A] Lord Willingdon

148. Which one of the following may be regarded as the first labour association in India?
(A) The Indian Workers' Union
(B) The Printers Union Calcutta
(C) The Bombay Worker's Association
(D) The Bombay Millhands Association

Correct Answer: [B] The Printers Union Calcutta

149. Who founded the Gadar Party in America?
(A) Ramchandra
(B) Kazi Obeidullah
(C) Tarak Nath Das
(D) Hardayal

Correct Answer: [D] Hardayal

150. Anusilan Samity is a
(A) Agrarian Organisation
(B) Revolutionary Organisation
(C) Religious Organisation
(D) Pro Womanist Organisation

Correct Answer: [B] Revolutionary Organisation


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