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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

MCQs on Indian Polity and Constitution P36

Page 36

176. Judicial Committee of the Privy Council was the highest court to appeal for a commonwealth country under the British empire. It was established in
(A) 1813
(B) 1726
(C) 1683
(D) 1833

Correct Answer: [D] 1833.
Explanation: Privy Council was considered as the court of last resort. India retained the right to appeal from the Federal Court of India till 1950. It was abolished by the act of 1949 following the replacement of the Federal Court by The Supreme Court of India. The system of appeal from India to the Privy Council in England was introduced by the Charter Act 1933.
177. The date mentioned in the preamble of the Indian Constitution is
(A) 18289
(B) 18593
(C) 17924
(D) 18228

Correct Answer: [D] 18228.
Explanation: It was the date when the constitution was adopted in 26-Nov-1949. The constitution was finally enacted in 26-January-1950.
178. Which of the following word is not added by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment?
(A) Fraternity
(B) Integrity
(C) Liberty
(D) Unity

Correct Answer: [C] Liberty.
Explanation: The words were added by 42nd CA are Secular, Socialist, Fraternity, Unity, and Integrity.
179. According to the constitution, what is the source of all power?
(A) Indian National Army
(B) President
(C) Prime Minister and its cabinet
(D) We, the people of India

Correct Answer: [D] We, the people of India.
180. A quasi-federal form of government i.e a federal system with strong central government was adopted in Indian constitution from the constitution of
(A) UK
(C) Canada
(D) Russia

Correct Answer: [C] Canada.



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