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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

MPPSC GK in English on Geography PDF Download P8

71. The state with lowest urban population in India is
(A) sikkim
(B) kerala
(C) nagaland
(D) manipur
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [A] sikkim.

72. Who introduced “Green Army” for environment conservation?
(A) japan
(B) china
(C) australia
(D) Egypt
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [C] australia.

73. The coldest planet in the solar system is
(A) neptune
(B) jupiter
(C) mars
(D) Saturn
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [A] neptune.

74. What is the rank of India in silk production in the world?
(A) first
(B) second
(C) third
(D) fourth
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [B] second.

75. Gaur dance is associated with which tribe?
(A) baiga
(B) mauriya
(C) dandami madia
(D) korku
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [B] mauriya.

76. The temples of Khajuraho were built by the rulers of which of thefollowing dynasties?
(A) baghela
(B) parmar
(C) chandel
(D) bundela
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [C] chandel.

77. The Narmada Valley lies between which of the following mountainranges?
(A) bhander and maikal
(B) satpura and aravali
(C) satpura and vindyachal
(D) vindyachal and aravali
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [C] satpura and vindyachal.

78. 1.Narmada valley is an example of
(A) fault scarp
(B) rift valley
(C) nappe
(D) horst
[MPPSC - 2014]
Correct Answer: [B] rift valley.

79. The term ‘Monsoon’ is originated from
(A) Arabic language
(B) Spanish
(C) Hindi
(D) English
[MPPSC - 2013]
Correct Answer: [A] Arabic language.

80. ‘Gandak Project’ is the joint of which two states?
(A) Bihar and Nepal
(B) U.P. and M.P.
(C) Bihar and west bengal
(D) Bihar and M.P.
[MPPSC - 2013]
Correct Answer: [A] Bihar and Nepal.



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