Friday, June 28, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

MCQ on Indian Economy For State PSC, BPSC, MPPSC, UPPSC P5

41. Which of the following is not one of the BRICS countries?
(A) South Africa
(B) Canada
(C) Brazil
(D) Russia
[MPPSC - 2016]

Correct Answer: [B] Canada .

42. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to ‘International Monetary Fund’?
(A) It grants loans to member countries only.
(B) It grants loans to the Central Bank of a Country.
(C) It can grant loans to any country.
(D) It can grant loans to only developed countries.
[MPPSC - 2017]

Correct Answer: [A] It grants loans to member countries only.

43. Which one of the following countries is not a member of G-8?
(A) Spain
(B) Canada
(C) Russia
(D) Britain
[MPPSC - 2016]

Correct Answer: [A] Spain.

44. Who among the following is associated with ‘NITI Aayog’?
(A) amartya sen
(B) P. chidambram
(C) narendra modi
(D) kaushik basu
[MPPSC - 2016]

Correct Answer: [C] narendra modi.

45. Who amongst the following drafted the ‘Sarvodaya Plan’?
(A) Morarji Desai
(B) Shriman Narayan Aggarwal
(C) M.N. Roy
(D) Jai Prakash Narain
[MPPSC - 2013]

Correct Answer: [D] Jai Prakash Narain.

46. Who authored the book, Planned Economy for India?
(A) G.D Birla
(B) Pattabhi Sitarayamayy
(C) M.Visvesvaraya
(D) J.R.D Tata
[MPPSC - 2018]

Correct Answer: [C] M.Visvesvaraya .

47. Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo editing are examples of
(A) operating system software
(B) platform software
(C) application software
(D) system software
[MPPSC - 2014]

Correct Answer: [C] application software.


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