Friday, April 19, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Questions and Answers on General Science (Biology) P11

101. Which one of the following is a viral disease?
(A) Encephalitis
(B) Oriental sore
(C) Trypanosomiasis
(D) Giardiasis.

Correct Answer: [A] Encephalitis.

102. A pure red flower bearing plant is crossed with a pure white flower and the F 1 plant bears pink flowers. This is an example of
(A) Epistasis
(B) Co-dominance
(C) Pseudo dominance
(D) Dominance.

Correct Answer: [A] Epistasis.

103. Plants store glucose in the form of
(A) Starch
(B) Glycogen
(C) Monosaccharide
(D) Cellulose.

Correct Answer: [A] Starch.

104. Spindle fibers are made up of
(A) Cellulose
(B) Chitin
(C) Flagellin
(D) Tubulin.

Correct Answer: [D] Tubulin.

105. The largest reservoir of Nitrogen on Earth is
(A) Ocean
(B) Rock
(C) Soil
(D) Air.

Correct Answer: [D] Air.

106. Transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of the same flower is referred to as
(A) Xenogamy
(B) Autogamy
(C) Allogamy
(D) Geitonogamy.

Correct Answer: [B] Autogamy.

107. Amount of blood pumped by an adult heart per hour is about
(A) 300 liter
(B) 340 liter
(C) 150 liter
(D) 200 liter.

Correct Answer: [A] 300 liter.

108. Endemic plants are those which grow, in
(A) On other plants.
(B) Geographically limited areas.
(C) Freshwater lakes.
(D) Shady places.

Correct Answer: [B] Geographically limited areas.

109. Lysine is an essential amino acid because
(A) It has a high nutritive value.
(B) It is not formed in the body and has to be provided through food.
(C) It is very rate.
(D) It is an important constituent of all proteins.

Correct Answer: [B] It is not formed in the body and has to be provided through food.

110. Flowers without petals are pollinated by
(A) Butterflies
(B) Wind
(C) Bees
(D) Birds.

Correct Answer: [B] Wind.


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