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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Preliminary MCQs on General Science | Biology P10

91. During photosynthesis,
(A) Light energy is stored as potential chemical energy in the food (glucose).
(B) The stored potential chemical energy of food is released as heat energy and other forms of energy.
(C) Presence of oxygen is essential.
(D) The catabolic reaction takes place
Correct Answer: [A] Light energy is stored as potential chemical energy in the food (glucose)..

92. The number of amino acids occurring in nature is
(A) 30
(B) 40
(C) 10
(D) 20
Correct Answer: [D] 20.

93. Which one of the following is not an autotroph?
(A) Fungus
(B) Fern
(C) Grass
(D) Green Algae
Correct Answer: [A] Fungus.

94. In the present concept of evolution, the unit of evolution is
(A) Population
(B) Species
(C) Individual
(D) Families
Correct Answer: [B] Species.

95. The amount of blood in the blood circulatory system a man is
(A) Five liters
(B) Ten liters
(C) One Liter
(D) Two liters
Correct Answer: [A] Five liters.

96. The identifying features of carrot roots are
(A) Round with small roots.
(B) Irregular with no small roots.
(C) Conical with small roots.
(D) Conical without small roots
Correct Answer: [D] Conical without small roots.

97. A muscle that is consciously controlled
(A) Non-striated voluntary.
(B) Non-striated involuntary.
(C) Striated voluntary.
(D) Striated involuntary
Correct Answer: [C] Striated voluntary..

98. An endobiotic fungus is
(A) Synchytrium
(B) Polyporus
(C) Agaricus
(D) Morchella
Correct Answer: [A] Synchytrium.

99. The image of an object formed on the retina of the eye is
(A) Virtual and inverted
(B) Real and inverted
(C) Virtual and erect
(D) Real and erect
Correct Answer: [B] Real and inverted.

100. From which part of Cinchona plant quinine is obtained?
(A) Flower
(B) Bark
(C) Seed
(D) Leaf
Correct Answer: [B] Bark.


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