Friday, April 19, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

PSC Online Preparations of General Science | Biology P6

51. Name the excretory organ of Prawn
(A) Ink gland
(B) Malpighian tubule
(C) Salivary gland
(D) Green gland
Correct Answer: [D] Green gland.

52. Grub is the larva of
(A) Beetle
(B) Sponges
(C) Insects
(D) Crustacea
Correct Answer: [A] Beetle.

53. Presence of sunken stomata in leaves indicates the character of
(A) Halophytes
(B) Mesophytes
(C) Hydrophytes
(D) Xerophytes
Correct Answer: [D] Xerophytes.

54. The disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin B12
(A) Normocytic anemia
(B) Pernicious anemia.
(C) Aplastic anemia
(D) Sickle cell anemia
Correct Answer: [B] Pernicious anemia..

55. AIDS is
(A) Genetical disease
(B) Bacterial disease
(C) Viral disease
(D) Fungal disease
Correct Answer: [C] Viral disease.

56. Which of the following is not a kidney function?
(A) Tubular Secretion
(B) Phagocytosis
(C) Ultrafiltration
(D) Tubular Reabsorption
Correct Answer: [B] Phagocytosis.

57. How much percent of the human body is water by weight?
(A) 33
(B) 10
(C) 66
(D) 50
Correct Answer: [C] 66.

58. The animal group that is not found in marine water
(A) Reptiles
(B) Ayes
(C) Mammals
(D) Amphibia
Correct Answer: [D] Amphibia.

59. Primary and Secondary growth is inhibited by
(A) Abscisic acid
(B) Cytokinins
(C) Auxin
(D) Gibberellins
Correct Answer: [A] Abscisic acid.

60. Cancer is caused by activation of genes
(A) Structural genes
(B) Jumping Genes
(C) Regulatory genes
(D) Oncogenes
Correct Answer: [D] Oncogenes.


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