Thursday, April 11, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Practice Sets on Medieval Indian History For WBCS Exams P21

201. In which year the second battle of Panipat was fought?
(A) 1757 AD
(B) 1556 AD
(C) 1605 AD
(D) 1707 AD
Correct Answer: [B] 1556 AD.

202. Which Indian emperor was called Zinda Pir?
(A) Firuz Tughlaq
(B) Sher Shah.
(C) Aurangzeb
(D) Akbar
Correct Answer: [C] Aurangzeb

203. Which Mughal Emperor transferred the Mughal Capital from Agra to Delhi?
(A) Shahjahan
(B) Bahadur Shah
(C) Jahangir
(D) Aurangzeb
Correct Answer: [A] Shahjahan.

204. The opponent of Akbar at the Second Battle of Panipat was
(A) Jaichand
(B) Daulat Khan
(C) Abdul Lohani
(D) Hemu
Correct Answer: [D] Hemu.

205. The ruler of one of the following states entered into matrimonial alliance with Akbar was—
(A) Marwar
(B) Mewar
(C) Jaipur
(D) Ranthambore
Correct Answer: [C] Jaipur.

206. What was Taccavi'?
(A) A tax on the Hindus
(B) Barren land
(C) Loans to the Peasants
(D) A fertile category of Lahti
Correct Answer: [C] Loans to the Peasants.

207. Who was defeated at Kanauj in the hands of Sher Shah in
(A) Humayun
(B) Gobind Singh
(C) Babur
(D) Akbar
Correct Answer: [A] Humayun

208. The Gurmukhi script was introduced by
(A) Guru Angad
(B) Guru Nanak
(C) Guru Amardas
(D) Guru Ramdas
Correct Answer: [A] Guru Angad.

209. Which Mughal emperor granted Diwani to the English East India company?
(A) Farah Seyar
(B) Zehnder
(C) Bahadur Shah II
(D) Shah Alam II
Correct Answer: [D] Shah Alam II.

210. Who was Babur's main adversary in the battle of Khanwa?
(A) Rana Sanga
(B) None of them
(C) Mahmud Lodi
(D) Hemu
Correct Answer: [A] Rana Sanga.


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