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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Medieval Indian History Questions and Answers For Competitive Exams P8

71. The Sultan who was called Akbar of Sultanate' was
(A) Balban
(B) Iltutmish Important
(C) Firuz Shah Tuglaq
(D) Alauddin Khilji
Correct Answer: [C] Firuz Shah Tuglaq.

72. Who was Jalaluddin Mangabarni?
(A) Ruler of Mongolia
(B) Ruler of Khwarizm or Khiba
(C) Ruler of Afganistan
(D) Ruler of Persia
Correct Answer: [B] Ruler of Khwarizm or Khiba.

73. What does the word Iqta stand for?
(A) States share of 1/3of spoils of war
(B) The grant of revenue from a territory in lieu of salary
(C) Law of primogeniture
(D) Crown lands donated to army officers
Correct Answer: [B] The grant of revenue from a territory in lieu of salary.

74. Who was the first real king of the Sultanate?
(A) Balban
(B) Alauddin
(C) Qutubuddin
(D) Illtutrnish
Correct Answer: [D] Illtutrnish.

75. Ibn Battuta came to India during which ruler's reign?
(A) Illtutmish
(B) Alauddin Khilji
(C) Akbar
(D) Muhammad bin Tughlaq
Correct Answer: [D] Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

76. The historian who left an account of the reign of Aurangzeb is
(A) Firdousi
(B) Barani
(C) Kafi Khan
(D) Alberoni
Correct Answer: [C] Kafi Khan.

77. The Sultanate coins Jital, Shanghai, and Tanka were made of
(A) Silver, Gold, Copper
(B) Silver, Gold, Silver.
(C) Copper, Silver, Silver
(D) Gold, Copper, Lead.
Correct Answer: [C] Copper, Silver, Silver.

78. The author of Futuh-us-Salatin is
(A) Nasru
(B) Batutah
(C) Barni
(D) Isami
Correct Answer: [D] Isami.

79. Who among the following visited Jahangir's Court?
(A) Sir Thomas Roe
(B) Athanasius Nikitin
(C) Niccolo Conti
(D) Francois Bernier
Correct Answer: [A] Sir Thomas Roe.

80. Who was the opponent of Babar at the battle of Panipat?
(A) Mahmud Lodi
(B) Medini Roy
(C) Ibrahim Lodi
(D) Rana Sanga
Correct Answer: [C] Ibrahim Lodi.


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