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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

General Science Previous Years Question of WBCS Prelims P5

Physics - 05

21. Consider the following statement1. Definition of force is obtained from Newton's first law of motion.2. Definition of force is obtained from Newton's second law of motion.3. In household writing, the appliances are connected in series.4. The picture-tube of television is basically a cathode ray tube.
(A) Only 2 and 4 are correct
(B) Only 1 and 4 are correct
(C) Only 1 is correct
(D) Only 2 is correct.

Correct Answer: [B] Only 1 and 4 are correct.
22. An ice cube containing a large bubble of air is floating in the water contained in a large breaker. When the ice melts completely, the level of water will
(A) Rise
(B) First rise and then go down
(C) Remain unchanged
(D) Go down.

Correct Answer: [A] Rise.
23. Light-year is a unit of
(A) Light
(B) Intensity of light
(C) Time
(D) Distance.

Correct Answer: [D] Distance..
24. A watch based on an oscillating spring is taken from the earth to the moon. It will -
(A) Give the same time
(B) Stop altogether
(C) Run slow
(D) Run fast.

Correct Answer: [C] Run slow.
25. A tube-well will not work if the depth of water below the ground is
(A) 28 ft.
(B) 38 ft.
(C) 20 ft.
(D) 25 ft.

Correct Answer: [A] 28 ft..


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