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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Previous Years MCQ on Modern Indian History P26

Page 26

126. Indigo Revolt was regularly highlighted in
(A) Statesman
(B) Englishman
(C) Hindu Patriot
(D) Times of India.

Correct Answer: [C] Hindu Patriot.
Explanation: Hindu Patriot magazine was an English weekly published from Kolkata. The founding editor of this magazine was Girish Chandra Ghosh.
127. Indigo Revolt in Bengal took place in the year
(A) 1863
(B) 1869
(C) 1859
(D) 1860.

Correct Answer: [C] 1859.
Explanation: Indigo Revolt was started in Bengal ( Krishnanagar, Nadia) in 1859. It was started by Bishnucharan Biswas and Digambar Biswas. In 1860 Dinabandhu Mitra come out with the play Nildarpan based on Indigo movement. It was translated in English by Michael Madhusudan Dutta and published by Rev. James Long. Because of this, he was sentenced to jail for sedition charges.
128. In which year was the widow-remarriage Act passed?
(A) 1856
(B) 1857
(C) 1829
(D) 1833.

Correct Answer: [A] 1856.
Explanation: With the effort of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar the (A traditional modernizer) widow-remarriage act was passed on 26th July 1956. It was passed during the governor-general, Lord Dalhousie.
129. In which year was The Hindu College established?
(A) 1832
(B) 1857
(C) 1817
(D) 1820

Correct Answer: [C] 1817.
130. "Hind Swaraj" was written by Gandhi while
(A) travelling from England to South Africa by ship
(B) during Champaran Satyagraha
(C) travelling from England to India by ship
(D) in Sabarmati Ashram

Correct Answer: [A] travelling from England to South Africa by ship.


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