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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS General Knowledge on Ancient Indian History P7

Page 7

31. Which of the following Gods do not belong to the Rigvedic period ?
(A) Shiva
(B) Aditi
(C) Indra
(D) Marut

Correct Answer: [A] Shiva.
Explanation: Gods mentioned in Rig Vedas are Indra, Agni, Varuna, Soma, Savitri, Vishnu, Aditi, Apsaras, Rudra, Usha and Prithvi and many more. But there was no mention of God Shiva. Indra was known as Purandhara (i.e. Breaker of Fort). 250 Rig Vedic hymns are dedicated to Indra. He was the most important divinity and Agni was in 2nd in the list.
32. The oldest Veda is
(A) Yajurveda
(B) Samveda
(C) Atharvaveda
(D) Rigveda

Correct Answer: [D] Rigveda.
Explanation: Rig Vedas is the oldest religious text in the world. It contains 1,208 hymns and 10,600 verses. Consist of 10 mandalas.
33. The oldest school of Indian Philosophy is
(A) Vaisesika
(B) Karma Mimansa
(C) Yoga
(D) Sankhya

Correct Answer: [D] Sankhya.
34. Whom does the Gayatri Mantra in the Rig Veda address?
(A) Savitri
(B) Ushas
(C) Indra
(D) Agni

Correct Answer: [A] Savitri.
Explanation: The famous Gayatri mantra is addressed to Savitri. Gayatri mantra was mentioned in the third mandala of Rig Veda. It is composed by the sage Viswamitra to offer prayer to solar deity Savitri. Savitṛ, a Vedic Sun deity. Maximum number of hymns was dedicated to Indra.
35. Buddha was born in
(A) 623 B.C
(B) 602 B.C
(C) 523 B.C
(D) 563 B.C

Correct Answer: [D] 563 B.C.


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