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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Geography Questions and Answers For WBCS, WBPSC and Other Exams G17

161. Nepanagar produces
(A) Newsprint
(B) Contact lens
(C) Copper
(D) Milk

Correct Answer: [A] Newsprint.

162. Which industry provides maximum employment?
(A) Jute
(B) Food processing
(C) Iron and steel
(D) Cotton textile

Correct Answer: [D] Cotton textile.

163. Lignite is a type of
(A) Coal RI
(B) Limestone
(C) Iron ore
(D) Copper

Correct Answer: [A] Coal.

164. Which Iron and Steel Plant is called Ruhr of India?
(A) Rourkela
(B) Jamshedpur
(C) Bhilai
(D) Durgapur

Correct Answer: [D] Durgapur.

165. Petroleum Refineries in India mostly have
(A) Pipeline terminal locations
(B) All of the above
(C) Oilfield locations
(D) Port locations

Correct Answer: [B] All of the above

166. Which of the following area is famous for pearl fishing?
(A) Kochi
(B) Pondicherry
(C) Tuticorin RI
(D) Kandala

Correct Answer: [C] Tuticorin.

167. River Narmada flows through a
(A) Fault Through
(B) Meander
(C) Lagoon
(D) Gorge

Correct Answer: [A] Fault Through.

168. The Damodar Valley Multipurpose Project was designed after
(A) Amazon River Valley Project
(B) Hwang HoRiverValley Project of China
(C) Tennessee Valley Project USA
(D) Lena Project of USSR

Correct Answer: [C] Tennessee Valley Project USA.

169. The Indus river rises near
(A) Lake Nasser
(B) Manasarovar Lake
(C) Sheshnag Lake
(D) Bhimtal Lake

Correct Answer: [B] Manasarovar Lake.

170. Hydel power potential is the highest in the case of —
(A) East flowing rivers of South India
(B) West flowing rivers of South India
(C) Brahmaputra basin
(D) Ganga basin

Correct Answer: [B] West flowing rivers of South India.


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