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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Prelims MCQ on Polity - Parliament Vice-President P5

41. The Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee formed in March 1997 to deal with the ethical behavior of members of parliament is headed by
(A) Mrs. Renuka Chowdhury
(B) Mr. S. B. Chavan
(C) The Vice President
(D) The Prime Minister.
Correct Answer: [B] Mr. S. B. Chavan.

42. Any money bill cannot be introduced int he Parliament without the consent of the
(A) President of India
(B) Union Finance Minister
(C) Prime Minister of India
(D) Speaker of the Parliament.
Correct Answer: [A] President of India.

43. Which one of the following office has not been provided by the Indian Constitution?
(A) Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly
(B) Deputy Prime Minister
(C) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(D) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.
Correct Answer: [B] Deputy Prime Minister.

44. The upper House of the State Legislature is called
(A) Bidhan Sabha
(B) Bidhan Parishad
(C) Lok Sabha
(D) Rajya Sabha.
Correct Answer: [B] Bidhan Parishad.

45. Which of the following bodies can be prorogued cannot be dissolved?
(A) Lok Sabha
(B) Rajya Sabha
(C) Governing Council of a Union Territory
(D) Municipal Corporation.
Correct Answer: [B] Rajya Sabha.

46. From the point of view of dignity, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is equivalent to
(A) Chief Justice of a High Court
(B) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
(C) Central Minister
(D) State Minister.
Correct Answer: [B] Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

47. The total strength of the Rajya Sabha cannot exceed
(A) 310 members
(B) 350 members
(C) 150 members
(D) 250 members.
Correct Answer: [D] 250 members..

48. Rajya Sabha
(A) Only discuss about the Ministers
(B) Does not control the Council of Ministers
(C) Does control the Council of Ministers
(D) Approves the action of the Ministers.
Correct Answer: [A] Only discuss about the Ministers.

49. Minimum age an Indian citizen to be elected for Lok Sabha is
(A) 25 years
(B) 35 years
(C) 18 years
(D) 20 years.
Correct Answer: [A] 25 years.

50. In which House of the Parliament, the Presiding Officer is not a member of the House?
(A) Vidhan Sabha
(B) Vidhan Parishad
(C) Lok Sabha
(D) Rajya Sabha.
Correct Answer: [D] Rajya Sabha..


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