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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Geography MCQs for WBCS Prelims Previous Years G9

81. Which of the following is not a Union territory of India ?
(A) Chandigarh
(B) Tripura
(C) The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(D) Pondicherry

Correct Answer: [B] Tripura

82. The line demarcating the boundary between India and China in North Eastern Sectbe is called
(A) Mc Mohan line
(B) Siegfried line
(C) Radcliffe line
(D) Durand line

Correct Answer: [A] Mc Mohan line

83. On which river is Ujjain located?
(A) Narmada
(B) Sone
(C) Sipra
(D) Tapi

Correct Answer: [C] Sipra

84. What type of river is the Indus?
(A) Antecedent
(B) Obsequent
(C) Consequent
(D) Subsequent

Correct Answer: [A] Antecedent

85. Ten-degree channel Separates -
(A) Nicobar & Bali
(B) India and Tibet
(C) China & Taiwan
(D) And2man & Nicober

Correct Answer: [D] And2man & Nicober

86. Majuli island is situated in
(A) Kaberi river in Karnataka
(B) Mahananda in West Bengal
(C) Brahmaputra river in Assam
(D) Ganga river in Bihar

Correct Answer: [C] Brahmaputra river in Assam

87. Kapildhara Falls is located on
(A) River Narmada
(B) River Krishna
(C) River Sone
(D) River Chambal

Correct Answer: [A] River Narmada

88. largest district (areawise).
(A) Leh-Ladakh
(B) Burdwan
(C) Baster
(D) Kachchh

Correct Answer: [D] Kachchh

89. The Chattisgarh state was carved out of
(A) UP
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Bihar

Correct Answer: [B] Madhya Pradesh

90. Which one of the following is a west-flowing river?
(A) Godavari
(B) Krishna
(C) Mahanadi
(D) Narmada

Correct Answer: [D] Narmada


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