Saturday, February 16, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Geography of India Quiz For WBCS, SSC CGL, UPSC, State PSCs Exam G4

Page 4

16. Which of the following is the source of the Luni river?
(A) Gurushikhar Peak
(B) Sambar
(C) Annasagar
(D) Puskar Lake

Correct Answer: [C] Annasagar.
17. On which river-bank Kota is located?
(A) Chambal
(B) Luni
(C) Sone
(D) Yamuna

Correct Answer: [A] Chambal.
18. The river Narmada flows through a
(A) Fault through
(B) Deltaic area
(C) Post-glacial valley
(D) V-shaped fluvial valley

Correct Answer: [A] Fault through.
19. The Northern limit of the Deccan plateau is
(A) Satpura range
(B) Narmada-Son furrow
(C) Southern limit of the Ganga Plains
(D) Tropic of Cancer

Correct Answer: [C] Southern limit of the Ganga Plains.
20. Which one of the following is the longest glacier in India?
(A) Kolhai
(B) Pindari
(C) Siachen
(D) Zemu

Correct Answer: [C] Siachen.


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