Thursday, January 24, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

MCQs on Modern Indian History for Competitive Exams WBCS, UPSC, SSC CGL, RAIL - P8

71. The Civil Service was brought into existence in India by
(A) Dalhousie
(B) Ripon
(C) Warren Hastings
(D) Cornwallis

Correct Answer: [D] Cornwallis

72. When did the Akali Movement start?
(A) 1921
(B) 1931
(C) 1901
(D) 1911

Correct Answer: [A] 1921

73. Who is called A traditional modernizer?
(A) B.G. Tilak
(B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Vidyasagar
(D) Rammohan Roy

Correct Answer: [C] Vidyasagar

74. Who is called the 'Prophet of New India'?
(A) Surendranath Banerjee
(B) Rammohan Roy
(C) Derozio
(D) Mahatma Gandhi

Correct Answer: [B] Rammohan Roy

75. `Mahayatra' is written by
(A) Madhusudan Rao
(B) Lakshminath Bezbarua
(C) Radhanath Ray
(D) Phakir Mohan Senapati

Correct Answer: [C] Radhanath Ray

76. Who founded Anglo Mohammedan College?
(A) Fazlul Hague
(B) Md. Ali Jinnah
(C) Syed Ahmed Khan
(D) Nawab Salim Ullah

Correct Answer: [C] Syed Ahmed Khan

77. The Age of Consent Act was enacted mainly because of the effort of
(A) Iswar Ch. Vidyasagar
(B) Behrajmji Merwanji Malabari
(C) Sorabji Shafoorji Bengalee
(D) Dadabhai Naoroji

Correct Answer: [B] Behrajmji Merwanji Malabari

78. Who introduced the 'Sunset Law'?
(A) Lord Bentinck
(B) Lord Canning
(C) Warren Hastings
(D) Lord Cornwallis

Correct Answer: [D] Lord Cornwallis

79. First Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University was
(A) Erskine
(B) Maine
(C) William Colville
(D) Ritchie

Correct Answer: [C] William Colville

80. When was the Congress socialist party formed?
(A) 1936
(B) 1939
(C) 1922
(D) 1934

Correct Answer: [D] 1934


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