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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

WBCS Online Preparation of General Science (Physics) MCQs P14

Physics - 14

66. The period of rotation of an artificial earth satellite
(A) Is inversely proportional to its mass
(B) 24 hours
(C) Depends on its distance from the earth's surface
(D) Is proportional to its distance from the earth's center

Correct Answer: [C] Depends on its distance from the earth's surface.
67. Mass of a body is defined by the following quantity
(A) Applied force / acceleration
(B) Applied force / increase in momentum
(C) Velocity / acceleration
(D) Applied force / velocity

Correct Answer: [A] Applied force / acceleration.
68. A man presses the earth least when he is
(A) Running
(B) Lying flat
(C) Standing
(D) Sitting

Correct Answer: [B] Lying flat.
69. Optical fiber works on the
(A) Scattering
(B) Reflection
(C) Principle of Refraction
(D) Total Internal Reflection

Correct Answer: [D] Total Internal Reflection.
70. Two bales at the same temperature collide. What is conserved?
(A) Linear momentum
(B) Kinetic energy
(C) Temperature
(D) Velocity

Correct Answer: [A] Linear momentum.


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