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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

General Science MCQs with Answers For UPSC, SSC, WBPSC Exams P6

51. All reactions involving the chemical decomposition
(A) Are reversible and endothermic.
(B) Maybe reversible or irreversible and exothermic or endothermic.
(C) Are reversible.
(D) Are endothermic.

Correct Answer: [B] Maybe reversible or irreversible and exothermic or endothermic.

52. When a helium atom loses an electron, it is converted to a
(A) Deuteron
(B) Helium ion
(C) Proton
(D) particle.

Correct Answer: [B] Helium ion.

53. Which ones of the following are called Noble gases?
(A) Argon and Neon
(B) Hydrogen and Neon
(C) Oxygen and Hydrogen
(D) Oxygen and Argon.

Correct Answer: [A] Argon and Neon.

54. Chlorine is not a constituent of
(A) Chloroform
(B) Bleaching powder
(D) Chlorophyll.

Correct Answer: [D] Chlorophyll

55. Which among the following gas was leaked during the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984?
(A) Methyl isochloride
(B) Methyl isochlorate
(C) Methyl isocyanide
(D) Methyl isocyanate.

Correct Answer: [D] Methyl isocyanate.

56. In the manufacture of Vanaspati ghee from vegetable oils, which among the following gas is used?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Neon
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Carbon dioxide.

Correct Answer: [A] Hydrogen.

57. Calculate the shielding suffered by valence electron in fluorine
(A) 5.80
(B) 4.85
(C) 5.20
(D) 4.80.

Correct Answer: [D] 4.80.

58. The unit of radioactivity is
(A) Curie
(B) Einstein
(C) Plank
(D) None of the above.

Correct Answer: [A] Curie.

59. The toxic chemical element that caused Minamata disease in Japan was
(A) Cadmium
(B) Arsenic
(C) Uranium
(D) Mercury.

Correct Answer: [D] Mercury.

60. One of the breakthroughs of Acharya P.C. Roy was to synthesize the following compound
(A) Hg2Cl2
(B) H2O4
(C) HgCl2
(D) HgO.

Correct Answer: [C] HgCl2.


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