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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Ancient Indian History Quiz For WBCS, SSC CGL, UPSC, RAIL NTPC Exams P3

21. Who composed 'Ai-hole' prasasti?
(A) Harisena
(B) Nayanikar
(C) Kautilya
(D) Rabikirti

Correct Answer: [D] Rabikirti.

22. Indus-valley civilization is called
(A) Stone Age
(B) Iron Age
(C) Urban
(D) Rural

Correct Answer: [C] Urban.

23. Where was the capital of Sasanka?
(A) Karnasuvarna
(B) Lakhnawati
(C) Samatata
(D) Tamralipta

Correct Answer: [A] Karnasuvarna.

24. The Upanishads were compiled around
(A) 1000 BC
(B) 1600-600 BC
(C) 600 BC
(D) 800 BC

Correct Answer: [C] 600 BC.

25. The Origins of Indian Music may be traced to one of the following Vedas
(A) Yajur
(B) Atharva
(C) Rig
(D) Sama

Correct Answer: [D] Sama.

26. The famous physician during Buddha's time was
(A) Charaka
(B) Jivaka
(C) Kautilya
(D) Nachiketa

Correct Answer: [B] Jivaka.
Note: Gautam Buddha (563 BCE - 483 BCE) was contemporary of Haryanka king Bimbisara and Ajatashatru. Jīvaka/Jivaka was the royal physician of Haryanka king Bimbisara. Once the Avanti king Pradyota was suffering from jaundice. Jivaka was sent to Ujjain for medication.

27. In which ancient text do you find the earliest reference to the Varna System?
(A) Atharva Veda
(B) Satapatha Brahmana
(C) Manu Samhita
(D) Rigveda

Correct Answer: [D] Rigveda.

28. How many Tirthankaras were there in ancient India?
(A) 23
(B) 24
(C) 16
(D) 22

Correct Answer: [B] 24.

29. Which metal was unknown to the Indus people?
(A) Bronze
(B) Gold
(C) Copper
(D) Iron

Correct Answer: [D] Iron.

30. According to Buddhism, the cause of all sorrows is
(A) Trishna
(B) Krodh
(C) Maya
(D) Kama

Correct Answer: [A] Trishna.


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