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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

One Word Substitution - Denoting Persons

1. AGNOSTIC (অজ্ঞানবাদী): one who is not sure about God's existence
2. ALTRUIST (পরহিতব্রতী): a lover of mankind (Syn.-Philanthropist)
3. AMATEUR (অপটু কর্মী): one who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession
4. AMBIDEXTROUS (দুহাত সমানভাবে ব্যবহারে পারদর্শী): one who can use either hand with ease
5. ANARCHIST (অরাজকতাবাদী): one who is out to destroy all governments, peace, and order
6. APOSTATE (ধর্মত্যাগী): a person who has changed his faith
7. ARBITRATOR(সালিস): a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute
8. ASCETIC: one who leads an austere life
9. ATHEIST: a person who does not believe in God (Ant.-Theist)
10. BANKRUPT: one who is unable to pay his debts (Syn.-Insolvent)
11. BIGOT: one who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious matters (Syn.-Fanatic)
12. BOHEMIAN: an unconventional style of living
13. CACOGRAPHIC: one who is bad in spellings
14. CANNIBAL: one who feeds on human flesh
15. CARNIVOROUS: one who feeds on flesh
16. CHAUVINIST: a person who is blindly devoted to an idea
17. CONNOISSEUR: a critical judge of any art and craft
18. CONTEMPORARIES: persons living at the same time
19. CONVALESCENT: one who is recovering health after illness
20. COQUETTE: a girl/woman who flirts with men
21. COSMOPOLITAN: a person who regards the whole world as his country
22. CYNOSURE: one who is a center of attraction
23. CYNIC: one who sneers at the beliefs of others
24. DEBONAIR: suave (polished and light hearted person)
25. DEMAGOGUE: a leader who says his followers by his oratory
26. DILETTANTE: a dabbler (not serious) in art, science and literature
27. EFFEMINATE: a man who is womanish in his habits
28. EGOIST: a lover of oneself, of one's advancement
29. EGOTIST: one who often talks of his achievements
30. EMIGRANT: a person who leaves his country to settle in another country (Ant.-Immigrant)
31. EPICURE: one who is for the pleasure of eating and drinking
32. FASTIDIOUS: one hard to please (very selective in his habits)
33. FATALIST: one who believes in fate
34. FEMINIST: one who works for the welfare of women (Syn.-Philogynist)
35. FUGITIVE: one who runs away from justice (Syn.-Absconding person)
36. GOURMAND: a lover of good food
37. GOURMET: a connoisseur of food
38. HENPECKED: a husband ruled by his wife
39. HEDONIST: one who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief good
40. HERETIC: one who acts against religion
41. HERBIVOROUS: one that lives on herbs
42. HONORARY: one who holds a post without any salary
43. HIGHBROW: a person considering himself to be superior in culture and intellect (Syn.-Snob) -
44. HYPOCHONDRIAC: one who is overly anxious about his health
45. ICONOCLAST: one who is the breaker of images and traditions
46. ILLITERATE: one who does not know reading or writing (Ant.-Literate)
47. IMMIGRANT: a person who comes to a country from his own country for settling (Ant-Emigrant)
48. IMPREGNABLE: that cannot be entered by force (Ant-Pregnable)
49. IMPOSTOR: one who pretends to be somebody else
50. INDEFATIGABLE: one who does not tire easily
51. INTROVERT: one who does not express himself freely (Ant-Extrovert)
52. INSOLVENT: a person who is unable to pay his debts (Syn.-Bankrupt)
53. ITINERANT: one who journeys from place to place (Nomadic)
54. INVINCIBLE: one too strong to be defeated (Ant.-Vincible)
55. INVULNERABLE: one that cannot be harmed/wounded (Ant. Vulnerable)
56. LIBERTINE: a person who leads an immoral life (Syn.-Lecher)
57. MARTYR: one who dies for a noble cause
58. MERCENARY: one who does something for the sake of money (bad sense)
59. MISANTHROPE: one who hates mankind (Ant.-Philanthropist)
60. MISOGAMIST: one who hates the institution of marriage
61. MISOLOGIST: one who hates knowledge (Ant.-Bibliologist)
62. NAMESAKE: a person having the same name as another
63. NARCISSIST: Lover of self
64. NOVICE: one who is inexperienced in anything (Syn.—Tyro)
65. NUMISMATIST: one who collects coins
66. OMNIVOROUS: one who eats everything
67. OPTIMIST: a person who looks at the bright side of things (Ant-Pessimist)
68. ORPHAN: one who has lost one's parents
69. PHILANTHROPIST: one who loves mankind (Ant-Misanthrope)
70. PHILOGYNIST: one who works for the welfare of women (Ant-Misogynist)
71. POLYGLOT: One who speaks many languages (Syn.-Linguist)
72. PACIFIST: One, who hates war, loves peace
73. PESSIMIST: one who looks at the dark side of life (Ant-Optimist)
74. PHILANDERER: one who amuses oneself by love making
75. PHILISTINE: one who does not care for art and literature
76. POSTHUMOUS: a child born after the death of the father Or a book published after the death of the author Or an award received after the death of the recipient
77. PHILATELIST: one who collects stamps
78. PEDESTRIAN: one who goes on foot
79. RECLUSE: one who lives in seclusion
80. SADIST: a person who feels pleasure by hurting others
81. SAMARITAN: one who helps the needy and the helpless
82. SOMNAMBULIST: a person who walks in sleep
83. SOMNILOQUIST: a person who talks in sleep
84. STOIC: a person who is indifferent to pain and pleasures of life
85. SWASHBUCKLER: a boastful fellow
86. TEETOTALLER: One who does not take any intoxicating drugs
87. TERMAGANT: a noisy quarrelsome woman, a shrew
88. TRUANT: One who remains absent from duty without permission
89. TOPER/SOT: One who is a habitual drunkard
90. UXORIOUS: one extremely fond of one's wife
91. VETERAN: one who has a long experience of any occupation
92. VERSATILE: one who adapts oneself readily to various situations
93. VIRTUOSO: one who is a brilliant performer on stage (especially music)
94. VOLUNTEER: one who offers one's services
95. VERBOSE: a style faces of difficult words. (Maestro)



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