Saturday, December 1, 2018

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains


1. ABDICATION (রাজ্যভার ত্যাগ): Voluntary giving up of the throne in favor of someone
2. ALMANAC (পঁজিকা): An annual calendar with the position of stars
3. AMPHIBIAN: an animal that lives both on land and sea
4. ALLEGORY (রূপকধর্মী রচনা): a story that expresses ideas through symbols
5. ANOMALY (ব্যতিক্রম): departure from the common rule
6. AQUATIC: animals that live in water
7. AUTOBIOGRAPHY: the life history of a person written by himself
8. AXIOM: a statement accepted as true without proof
9. ANONYMOUS: bearing no name
10. BELLIGERENT: one that is in a war-like mood (Syn. Bellicose)
11. BIOGRAPHY: the life history of a person (written by some other person)
12. BIOPSY: an examination of living tissue
13. BLASPHEMY: an act of speaking against religion (Heresy)
14. CHRONOLOGY: events presented in order of occurrence
15. CONSCRIPTION: compulsory enlistment for military service
16. CRUSADE: a religious war
17. DRAWN: a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat
18. EATABLE: anything to be eaten
19. EDIBLE: fit to be eaten
20. ENCYCLOPEDIA: a book that contains information on various subjects
21. EPHEMERAL: lasting for a very short time/a day
22. EPILOGUE: a concluding speech/comment at the end of the play (Ant-Prologue)
23. EXTEMPORE: a speech made without preparation (Syn.-Impromptu)
24. FABLE: a story relating to birds/animals with a moral in the end
25. PARABLE: a short story with a moral
26. FACSIMILE: an exact copy of handwriting, printing (Syn.-Xerox)
27. FATAL: that causes death
28. FAUNA: the animals of a particular region
29. FLORA: the flowers/plants of a particular region
30. FRAGILE: that can be easily broken
31. GREGARIOUS: animals which live in a flock, used for human beings also (Syn.-Sociable)
32. ILLEGIBLE: incapable of being read (Ant-Legible)
33. INACCESSIBLE: a person/place that cannot be easily approached
34. IMPRACTICABLE: incapable of being practiced (Ant: Practicable)
35. INAUDIBLE: a sound that cannot be heard (Ant: Audible)
36. INCORRIGIBLE: incapable of being corrected (Ant.: Corrigible)
37. IRREPARABLE: incapable of being repaired (Ant.: Reparable)
38. INDELIBLE: a mark that cannot be erased (Ant.: Delible)
39. INFALLIBLE: one who is free from all mistakes and failures (Ant: Fallible)
40. INEDIBLE: not fit to eat (Ant: Edible)
41. INFLAMMABLE: liable to catch fire easily (Ant.: Non-inflammable)
42. INEVITABLE: that cannot be avoided (Ant.: Evitable)
43. INDISPENSABLE: that cannot be dispensed with, removed (Ant.: Dispensable)
44. INTERREGNUM: a period of an interval between two regimes and governments
45. INTELLIGIBLE: that can be understood (Ant.: Unintelligible)
46. LUNAR: of the moon.
47. MAIDEN: a speech or an attempt made by a person for the first time
48. MAMMAL: an animal that gives milk
49. MANUSCRIPT: a matter written by hand
50. NOSTALGIA: homesickness, memories of the past
51. OMNIPRESENT: one who is present everywhere
52. OMNIPOTENT: one who is all powerful
53. OMNISCIENT: one who knows all
54. PAROLE: pledge given by a prisoner for temporary release not to escape
55. PANACEA: a remedy for all ills
56. PANTHEISM: the belief that God pervades (perceived in every part of) nature
57. PEDANTIC: a style meant to display one's knowledge
58. PLAGIARISM: literary theft or passing off an author's original work as one's own
59. PLATONIC: something spiritual (love)
60. PORTABLE: that can be carried in hand
61. POTABLE: fit to drink
62. PLEBISCITE: a decision made by public voting
63. PSEUDONYM: an imaginary name assumed by an author
64. QUARANTINE: an act of separation from a person to avoid infection
65. QUADRUPED: an animal with four feet
66. REFERENDUM: a general vote of the public to decide a question (Syn.: Plebiscite)
67. RED-TAPISM: official formality resulting in a delay
68. REGALIA: dress with medals, ribbons are worn at official ceremonies
69. SACRILEGE: violating the sanctity of religious places/objects (Syn.: Desecration)
70. SINECURE: a job with a high salary but a little responsibility
71. SOLILOQUY: a speech made when one is alone
72. SOPORIFIC: a medicine that induces sleep
73. SOUVENIR: a thing kept in memory of an event
74. SWAN SONG: the last literary work of a writer/an artist
75. SOLAR: of the sun
76. TRANSPARENT: that can be seen through (Ant.: Opaque)
77. VENIAL: a slight fault that can be forgiven
78. VERBATIM: repetition of a speech or a writing word for word
79. UTOPIA: an imaginary land with perfect social order
80. ZODIAC: a diagram showing the path of planets



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