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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Modern Indian History - Learn Through MCQ - Set 2

11. The cultivation of Potato and Tobacco was introduced in India by
(A) British
(B) Duch
(C) French
(D) Portuguese.

Correct Answer: [D] Portuguese.

12. Armed action was conducted in order to free Goa from Portuguese and annex it with India in 1961. The operation was named as
(A) Operation Integrity
(B) Operation Polo Code
(C) Operation Maa
(D) Operation Vijay.

Correct Answer: [D] Operation Vijay.
13. The French settlement in Bengal was in
(A) Kolkata
(B) Sutanuti
(C) Chandannagar
(D) Hooghly.

Correct Answer: [C] Chandannagar.

14. Portuguese remain in Indian till 1961. Which of the following was not under the control of Portuguese at that time?
(A) Goa
(B) Diu
(C) Pondicherry
(D) Daman.

Correct Answer: [C] Poduchari.
Explanation: It was a French colonial settlement in India till 1954.

15. The order in which they came in India -
1. Britain
2. Portuguese
3. Duch
4 French.

(A) 1,2,3,4
(B) 2,3,1,4
(C) 2,1,3,4
(D) 2,4,3,1.

Correct Answer: [B] 2,3,1,4.
Explanation: Portuguese Came in India in 1498
Duch - 1595, British in 1600, French in 1664. The French were last to come to India and First to go from India.

16. The main Duch settlement in India was
(A) Pulicat
(B) Calicat
(C) Surat
(D) Bombay.

Correct Answer: [A] Pulicat.
Explanation: Pulicat was the main Duch center till 1690 and later it was replaced by Nagapattinam.

17. Battle of Bedara was fought between
(A) British East India Company and Dutch East India Company
(B) British East India Company and Portuguese Presence in India
(C) British East India Company and French East India Company
(D) Portuguese East India Company and Duch East India Company.

Correct Answer: [A] British East India Company and Dutch East India Company.
Explanation: It was also known as the Battle of Chinsurah or Battle of Hoogli. It is a place in West Bengal and the battle took place on 25 November 1759. It was the time when Bengal Nabab Mir Zafar invited Douch Company to became a leading trading company of Bengal by ejecting British.

18. The East India Company was formed on 31st December 1600. Who was the first governor of this company?
(A) William Hawkins
(B) Thomas Munro
(C) Duplex
(D) Thomas Smith

Correct Answer: [D] Thomas Smith
Explanation: The Charter i.e trading right to the company was granted by Queen Elizabeth I.

19. The first trading factory of East India Company was established in Surat in 1613 within the Mughal India. Who was the person came to the court of Jahangir for this permission?
(A) William Hawkins
(B) Thomas Munro
(C) Thomas Roe
(D) Thomas Smith.

Correct Answer: [A] William Hawkins.
Explanation: William Hawkins came to the court of Jahangir and stayed form 1608 to 1611. He was given 400 manasabs by Jahangir. In 1613 Jahangir issued a Forman i.e the permission latter to build a factory in Surat.

20. The East India Company came to India at the time of
(A) Babar
(B) Humayan
(C) Akbar
(D) Jahangir.

Correct Answer: [C] Akbar.
Explanation: The East India Company came to India in1600 and the contemporary Mughal King was Akbar (ruled 1556–1605).

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