Monday, March 30, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Geography Free oNLINE Test For UPSC | SSC | Rail NTPC | RRB | State PSC P34

Page 34

166. River Kaveri flows through the state of
(A) Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu
(B) Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
(C) Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu
(D) Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer: [D] Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu.
167. The speed of rotation of the Earth is the highest
(A) Along the Tropic of Cancer
(B) Along the Arctic Circle
(C) Along the Equator
(D) At the North Pole

Correct Answer: [C] Along the Equator.
168. UNESCO declared as a Biosphere Reserve as well as a World Heritage site in 1997.
(A) Kanha
(B) Sundarban
(C) Bitarkanika
(D) Jim Corbet

Correct Answer: [B] Sundarban.
169. Statements which grow along the road, river or a canal are
(A) Linear settlements
(B) None of the above
(C) Square settlements
(D) Rectangular settlements

Correct Answer: [A] Linear settlements.
170. The two branches of Ganga, Bhagirathi, and Alakananda join at
(A) Devprayag
(B) Sonprayag
(C) Rudraprayag
(D) Haridwar

Correct Answer: [A] Devprayag.


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