Thursday, February 27, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Physics quiz For UPSC | SSC | Rail | RRB | State PSC | class 10 icse P27

Physics - 27

131. In a p-type semiconductor, which is the main carrier of electricity?
(A) Electrons
(B) Negative Ions
(C) Positive holes
(D) Positive Ions

Correct Answer: [C] Positive holes.
132. The blue color of the sky is due to
(A) Reflection
(B) Dispersal
(C) Scattering
(D) Refraction

Correct Answer: [C] Scattering.
133. Sound waves in air are
(A) Electromagnetic
(B) Polarized
(C) Transverse
(D) Longitudinal

Correct Answer: [D] Longitudinal.
134. Red is used as a danger signal because
(A) red colour is easily available.
(B) red colour is soothing for the eye.
(C) blood is red.
(D) red light is scattered least by the air molecules

Correct Answer: [D] red light is scattered least by the air molecules.
135. A. C is converted to D.C. by
(A) Transformer
(B) Motor
(C) Rectifier
(D) Dynamo

Correct Answer: [C] Rectifier.


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