Friday, February 28, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

OBJECTIVE GENERAL ENGLISH Objective Questions and Answers PDF For Govt Exam P11

English - 11
51. The receptionist of the hotel greeted us with the pink of courtesy.
(A) Warmly
(B) Respectfully
(C) Very sweetly
(D) With seriousness

Correct Answer: [C] Very sweetly.
52. There were several communal violence throughout the globe.
(A) The world
(B) A planet
(C) The model of the earth used for the study of geography
(D) A spherical body

Correct Answer: [A] The world.
53. It is usual nowadays to blow one's own _______ to impress others.
(A) Drum
(B) Band
(C) Horn
(D) Trumpet

Correct Answer: [D] Trumpet.
54. His observations were 'beside the point' means that his observations were
(A) Not relevant
(B) Not heard by others
(C) Written in point form
(D) Written beside points

Correct Answer: [A] Not relevant.
55. A fly-by-night company
(A) Is interested only in making quick profits
(B) Operates from no fixed place
(C) Operates only at night
(D) Sends cargo by plane only

Correct Answer: [A] Is interested only in making quick profits.



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