Tuesday, February 25, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Indian GK Questions and Answers For UPSC | SSC | Rail NTPC | RRB | State PSC P47

Page 47

231. Who was the founder of the 'Indian Independence League'?
(A) Subhas Ch. Bos
(B) Rashbihari Bose
(C) Krishna Verma
(D) None of the above

Correct Answer: [B] Rashbihari Bose.
232. Who was the founder-President of the Swaraj Party
(A) Rajendra Prasad
(B) Rajagopalachari
(C) Motilal Nehru
(D) C.R. Das

Correct Answer: [D] C.R. Das.
233. Who was the painter of the famous 'Bharatmata'?
(A) Nandalal Bose
(B) Jamini Roy
(C) Gagamendra Nath Tagore
(D) Abanindra Nath Thakur.

Correct Answer: [D] Abanindra Nath Thakur..
234. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence?
(A) J.B. Kripalini
(B) Abul Kalam Azad
(C) J. L. Nehru
(D) Sardar Patel

Correct Answer: [A] J.B. Kripalini.
235. Who was the revolutionary who assisted Bhagat Singh to throw bomb the legislative on the assembly in Delhi?
(A) Chand Sekhar Azad
(B) Batukeswar Datta
(C) Sukhdev
(D) Raj Guru

Correct Answer: [B] Batukeswar Datta.


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