Friday, February 28, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

[ One WORD ] english mcq for competitive exam pdf P6

English - 06
26. One who moves from one place to go to live work in another is called a migrant. But a vagrant is a person
(A) Without a settled home or regular work
(B) Who asks for political asylum
(C) Without a valid passport
(D) Who goes to live in exile
[One Word]

Correct Answer: [A] Without a settled home or regular work.
27. People who look at the stars in the sky are pursuing a wonderful vocation.
(A) Geophysicists
(B) Geologists
(C) Astrologers
(D) Astronomers
[One Word]

Correct Answer: [D] Astronomers.
28. A drawback usually observed in women is called
(A) Female
(B) Feminine
(C) Womanly
(D) Womanish
[One Word]

Correct Answer: [D] Womanish.
29. A collection of poems came out to felicitate the poet.
(A) An Anthology
(B) Compilation
(C) Guide book
(D) Collection
[One Word]

Correct Answer: [A] An Anthology.
30. One who knows all is called
(A) Learned
(B) Erudite
(C) Scholarly
(D) Omniscient
[One Word]

Correct Answer: [D] Omniscient.


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