Thursday, February 27, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

class 10 Physics mcq questions pdf For UPSC | SSC | Rail | RRB | State PSC P25

Physics - 25

121. Materials like Germanium and Silicon are called
(A) Metals
(B) Semi-conductors
(C) Insulators
(D) Conductors

Correct Answer: [B] Semi-conductors.
122. Absolute zero temperature is that temperature where
(A) All matter stays in the solid state.
(B) Kinetic and potential energies of molecules become equal to each other.
(C) Water freezes to ice.
(D) All molecules of matter come to rest

Correct Answer: [D] All molecules of matter come to rest.
123. Bats can fly in the dark without hitting objects because
(A) They are guided by ultrasonic waves which they produce.
(B) Of no scientific reason.
(C) They are flying mammals.
(D) Their night vision is good

Correct Answer: [A] They are guided by ultrasonic waves which they produce..
124. A person is moving towards a plane mirror with a speed of 1 m / sec. The image will approach the moving person will relative speed
(A) 2 m/sec.
(B) 3 m/sec.
(C) 1.5 m/sec.
(D) 1 m /sec

Correct Answer: [A] 2 m/sec..
125. The current on a 100W, 200V electric bulb is
(A) 0.5 amp
(B) 22000 amp
(C) 2.2 amp
(D) 2.3 amp

Correct Answer: [A] 0.5 amp.


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