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WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

General Science (Chemistry) Practice Sets For WBCS Prelims P2

11. A substance used in metallurgy to remove rock material is called
(A) flux
(B) gangue
(C) matrix
(D) slag.
Correct Answer: [A] flux.

12. The compound that can not be kept in glass vessel because it reacts with glass is
(A) HF
(B) FIBr
(C) HNO3
(D) HCI.
Correct Answer: [A] HF.

13. Whose presence in drinking water is welcome?
(A) As
(B) Fe
(C) K
(D) Ca.
Correct Answer: [C] K.

14. Phosgene is a common name of
(A) Phosphine
(B) Carbonyl chloride
(C) Phosphorus trichloride
(D) Phosphorus oxychloride.
Correct Answer: [B] Carbonyl chloride.

15. The purest form of iron is
(A) Iron turning
(B) Cast iron
(C) Wrought iron
(D) Stainless steel.
Correct Answer: [C] Wrought iron.

16. Radioactive decay of uranium produces
(A) Lead
(B) Tin
(C) Arsenic
(D) Bismuth.
Correct Answer: [A] Lead.

17. Washing soda is the common name for
(A) Sodium bicarbonate
(B) Sodium hydroxide
(C) Sodium carbonate
(D) Calcium carbonate.
Correct Answer: [C] Sodium carbonate.

18. In the process of vulcanization which two of the following are heated together?
(A) Rubber and Steel
(B) Rubber and Lead
(C) Rubber and Sulphur
(D) Latex and Sulphur.
Correct Answer: [D] Latex and Sulphur..

19. When a liquid is heated from 20°C to 60°C, its density
(A) Decreases
(B) Is lost
(C) Remains the same
(D) Increases.
Correct Answer: [A] Decreases.

20. Equal volumes of different gases at any definite temperature and pressure have
(A) equal density
(B) equal number of molecules
(C) equal weights
(D) equal masses.
Correct Answer: [B] equal number of molecules.


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