Thursday, February 27, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Physics mcq For UPSC | SSC | Rail | RRB | State PSC | class 10 P23

Physics - 23

111. If the focal length of the objective of an astronomical telescope increases, then its magnifying power will
(A) Remain the same
(B) Can not be predicted
(C) Increase
(D) Decrease

Correct Answer: [C] Increase.
112. The internal resistance of which of the instruments is the highest?
(A) Voltmeter
(B) Mili ammeter
(C) Galvanometer
(D) Ammeter

Correct Answer: [A] Voltmeter.
113. Water rises up a capillary tube because of
(A) Viscosity
(B) it's density
(C) Elasticity
(D) Surface tension

Correct Answer: [D] Surface tension.
114. At what temperature, the mass of pure water of volume 1 cubic centimeter is 1 gm?
(A) 4°C
(B) 9°C
(C) 0°C
(D) 3°C

Correct Answer: [A] 4°C.
115. The image formed by a plane mirror is
(A) virtual and erect
(B) real and inverted
(C) real and erect
(D) virtual and inverted

Correct Answer: [A] virtual and erect.


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