Monday, March 30, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

SSC | STATE PSC | MCQ on Modern Indian History P24

Page 24

116. During the course of which movement did the incident of Chittagong armory raid take place?
(A) Civil Disobedience Movement
(B) Quit India Movement
(C) Non-co-operation movement
(D) Bardoli Satyagraha

Correct Answer: [A] Civil Disobedience Movement.
117. The Chief advisor and confidant of Syed Ahmad Khan was
(A) Theodore Morison
(B) Nassan Lees
(C) W. W. Hunter
(D) Theodore Beck

Correct Answer: [D] Theodore Beck.
118. Which of the following was not included in the Nehru Committee Report of 1929?
(A) Separate Electorate for Muslims was rejected
(B) It proposed a Federal structure for India
(C) India should be given Dominion Status
(D) Declaration of Fundamental Rights was made

Correct Answer: [A] Separate Electorate for Muslims was rejected.
119. Who did the Tribune of Lahore refer to in its observation "If ever a man died a hero and martyr to a noble cause, that man was"?
(A) Chandra Sekhar Azad
(B) Surya Sen
(C) Bhagat Singh
(D) Jatindra Nath Das

Correct Answer: [D] Jatindra Nath Das.
120. Both the transfer of power and partition of India were hurried through in how many days:
(A) 72
(B) 68
(C) 94
(D) 86

Correct Answer: [A] 72.


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