Tuesday, March 31, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Medieval Indian History MCQs of WBCS Previous Years P5

Page 5

21. Which of the following manuscripts, containing miniature paintings, reveals a sense of realism and authenticity witnessed or experienced by the painters themselves
(A) Jamiut-Tawarikh
(B) Tariq-i-Alfi
(C) Timur Namah
(D) Akbar Namah

Correct Answer: [B] Tariq-i-Alfi.
22. The success of Muizzudin Muhammad Ghori in India was the consummation of a process which extended over the whole of 12th Century"". By whom this observation has been made?
(A) Irfan Habib
(B) A.K. Nizami
(C) A.B.M. Habibullah
(D) Satish Chandra

Correct Answer: [C] A.B.M. Habibullah.
23. During the reign of which great Mughal was tobacco introduced in India?
(A) Shahjahan
(B) Aurangzeb
(C) Jahangir
(D) Akbar

Correct Answer: [C] Jahangir.
24. The only type of Jagir which could not be transferred was the
(A) Milkiyat Jagir
(B) Tan Jagir
(C) Khidmati jagir
(D) Watan Jagir

Correct Answer: [D] Watan Jagir.
25. Who was the founder of the Sultanate of Madurai?
(A) Nusrat Shah
(B) Dilwar Khan
(C) Jalaluddin Ahsan
(D) Hussain Shah

Correct Answer: [C] Jalaluddin Ahsan.


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