Tuesday, February 25, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

General Study | Modern History | For UPSC | SSC | Rail NTPC | RRB | State PSC P61

Page 61

301. Which one of the following may be regarded as the first labour association in India?
(A) The Indian Workers' Union
(B) The Printers Union Calcutta
(C) The Bombay Worker's Association
(D) The Bombay Millhands Association

Correct Answer: [B] The Printers Union Calcutta.
302. Which phase is considered to be the liberal phase of Indian National Congress?
(A) 1905-1915
(B) 1895-1925
(C) 1885-1895
(D) 1885-1905

Correct Answer: [D] 1885-1905.
303. Which place did the Santhal call Damin-i-Koh?
(A) Rajmahal hills
(B) Hazaribagh
(C) Dhalbhum
(D) Palamau.

Correct Answer: [A] Rajmahal hills.
304. Which was meant to remove the defects of the Regulating act was passed in the year?
(A) 1784
(B) 1786
(C) 1781
(D) 1782

Correct Answer: [A] 1784.
305. Which was the center of the Aligarh movement?
(A) Pir-Fakir Majlis
(B) The Khilafat Committee
(C) The Deoband School
(D) The Anglo-Oriental College

Correct Answer: [D] The Anglo-Oriental College.


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