Thursday, February 27, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

General Science Mcq For UPSC | SSC | Rail | RRB | State PSC P24

Biology 24

116. Which one of the following is not a hereditary disease in a man?
(A) Alzheimer's disease
(B) Down's Syndrome
(C) Haemophilia
(D) Colour blindness

Correct Answer: [A] Alzheimer's disease.
117. What is a bacteriophage?
(A) A fungus causing disease
(B) A phagocytic protozoa
(C) A virus
(D) A bacterium growing in an artificial nutrient medium

Correct Answer: [C] A virus.
118. Cardiac muscles do not undergo fatigue, because
(A) Having more actins
(B) Having more myosin
(C) Interconnection of cells by intercalated disc
(D) Having numerous mitochondria

Correct Answer: [D] Having numerous mitochondria.
119. Ribosomes play a significant role in
(A) Lipid synthesis
(B) Respiration
(C) Photosynthesis
(D) Protein synthesis

Correct Answer: [D] Protein synthesis.
120. Pitcher plant is
(A) Insectivorous
(B) Actinomorphic
(C) Heterotrophic
(D) Autotrophic

Correct Answer: [A] Insectivorous.


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