Thursday, February 27, 2020

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

biology quiz For UPSC | SSC | Rail | RRB | State PSC | class 10 icse P37

Biology 37

181. The WISC R test is
(A) A group test for children
(B) A group test for adults
(C) An individual test for adults
(D) An individual test for children

Correct Answer: [D] An individual test for children.
182. The stage of mitosis in which chromosomes become V, J, L, or I shaped?
(A) Anaphase
(B) Telophase
(C) Prophase
(D) Metaphase

Correct Answer: [A] Anaphase.
183. Ozone depletion in Antarctica is caused by the formation of
(A) Freon
(B) Chlorine nitrate
(C) Nitrogen dioxide
(D) Sulfur dioxide

Correct Answer: [A] Freon.
184. The greenhouse effect is caused by the addition of too much of this compound in the atmosphere
(A) Water vapor
(B) Dust Particles
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Ammonia

Correct Answer: [C] Carbon dioxide.
185. A Cladogram depicts the hypothesis of
(A) Genetic relationship
(B) Taxonomic relationship
(C) Evolutionary relationship
(D) Phonetic relationship

Correct Answer: [C] Evolutionary relationship.


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