Thursday, July 4, 2019

WBCS Polity and Constitution MCQs Prelims and Mains

Importan MCQ on Modern Indian History For WBCS Exam P47

369. Which novel of Rabindranath Tagore makes a critique of the Swadeshi movement?
(A) Char Adhyay
(B) Ghare Baire
(C) Choker Bali
(D) Chaturanga

Correct Answer: [B] Ghare Baire.

370. Dewan Velu Thampi's rebellion against the British took place in the Indian state of
(A) Mysore
(B) Kashmir
(C) Awadh
(D) Travancore

Correct Answer: [D] Travancore.

371. The Meerut Conspiracy case was started in
(A) 1931
(B) 1934
(C) 1929
(D) 1942

Correct Answer: [C] 1929.

372. Who founded the Amrita Bazar Patrika?
(A) Sisir Kumar Ghosh
(B) Barindra Ghosh
(C) Surendra Nath Banerjee
(D) Krishna Kumar Mitra

Correct Answer: [A] Sisir Kumar Ghosh.

373. Which one of the following was a mouthpiece of the Liberals?
(A) Free Press Journal
(B) Leader
(C) New India
(D) Young India

Correct Answer: [B] Leader.

374. Which one of the following was an emigre Communist journal of M.N. Roy?
(A) Anashilan
(B) The worker
(C) Kishan Sabha
(D) Vanguard

Correct Answer: [D] Vanguard.

375. `Hindu Mela' was organized by
(A) Keshab Chandra Sen
(B) Swami Vivekananda.
(C) Nabagopal Mitra
(D) Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Correct Answer: [C] Nabagopal Mitra.

376. Bengal Tenancy Act was Passed in
(A) 1868
(B) 1878
(C) 1885
(D) 1928

Correct Answer: [C] 1885.


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